Rice with prunes and honey chicken

We get back to the kitchens and this time we carry a glass jar fill of essences. This recipe will take you to exotic places that hide sweet and salty flavours in such a successful combination that stimulate the palate with a perfect fusion. With our organic product as main character and our new catalogue: […]

Pistachio and almond Ice Cream

Today we bring you a recipe that is not only tasty but it should also be a must to do if we take into account the warm temperatures that we are getting in our land, over 40 degrees. In Extremadura we change from coat to swimsuit in less time than we will spend preparing these […]

Almond chicken with lemon sauce

This week we bring you a flavour explosion. This recipe will remind you of a common dish in oriental restaurant menus, but this time we will add a luxurious ingredient: Ginette, specifically Ginette Natural Fruit. A Belgian organic beer whose fruity aroma and red colour won´t leave you indifferent. So prepare your palate to feel […]

Hazelnut cookies

Today we bring you an easy and perfect recipe to spend your afternoon in good company, Hazelnut cookies. The star ingredient today is the blanched organic hazelnut, a very beneficial nut four our heart and, by the way, unusual in our stoves. However, its natural personality and the fragrance it gives off when part of […]

RICE PUDDING (with organic pistachio)

This time we bring you an easy and famous recipe. Who has not ever had a tasty rice pudding to end a great meal? Who has never given himself to a nocturnal treat on the sofa watching a film? However we want to give it a different touch adding to the rice pudding one of […]

VEGETABLES COCA (ecological almond flour)

The recipe we bring you in this occasion is quite common and you can find it in many web sites and cooking books. But today we will show you a different way to cook it, adding an ingredient less frequent in domestic stoves: Almond flour, which we will have to mix with strong flour to […]
bizcocho nueces platano biologico


Nuts can be used in a lot of different dishes throughout cooking. Specially in bakery they are awesome. That is why today we bring you a very easy and incredible tasty recipe, with our bio products as main ingredient. There we go. Ingredients: 150 g butter 75 g chocolate fondant for desserts (50% cocoa) 75 […]