We are a vehicle made of soil and sun, which carries in its luggage a quality product nurtured from the land to the table, acting like transmitetters of dreams ploughed for many years.

Hispania Organic Company was born  after a  seven years romance with Bio products, once we experienced in first person the benefits of natural and ecological  products. A long -term experience that has served us to  get first-hand knowledge  about the work of farmers , their carefully way to cultivate the product and the most valuable qualities of it. During this period we have accompanied them in their arduous challenge, learning the nooks of a process focussed in hard work  and persistence , seasoned with long waiting time and full of meticulous cares to the plant and the fruit. This is similar to raising a child: it requires efforts and deep desires. From this hidden, alive and dormant root our work emerged.

Nuts that emerge from the same land we walk on everyday and whose taste carries you together with the wine towards bathed in sunlight and wrapped up by clear blue skies grounds.

We are the visible wire that connects the sweat from a farmer´s forehead with the final consumer who, through his senses, can feel the nut aroma and the sweet, salty or aged flavours in his palate.

The landscape where the agrarian work that feeds Hispania Organic Company develops is located in national territory. Its most valuable location, where we want to focus on, is situated in our dear Extremadura fields.

Moving Nature

We are an ecological nuts exports company, free from industrial processes and manufactured with great care at by equipment based on efficiency and green circular economy.