Cultivation of pistachio: a long way:

November is in the highest point of the sky and with its unusual and impressive autumn sun ,we come along with Cristian, a small-scale  pistachio producer. When we reach to his point,  he  is getting a piece of land ready for irrigating because  rain has not watered his field for a few weeks, and this […]

Tasting the details: The Nut and its shell

Did you know that the place that produces more nuts in the world is California? At present United States citizens consume 400 millions of kg of different nuts. Despite they are new incomers in the Nuts industry, the USA power in this market is huge. To start with, California is the Nut paradise because of […]


You have probably read enough information on internet about nuts, their properties and the lots of benefits their ingestion gives us. Maybe you have heard something about how “some types of them are plenty of proteins and minerals, such as phosphorus and potassium” or “their properties to prevent cardiovascular diseases.” On other occasions you may […]