You have probably read enough information on internet about nuts, their properties and the lots of benefits their ingestion gives us.

Maybe you have heard something about how “some types of them are plenty of proteins and minerals, such as phosphorus and potassium” or “their properties to prevent cardiovascular diseases.” On other occasions you may have heard that Brazil nuts, cashews and peanuts are also famous because” it´s been demonstrated that their quantities of zinc increase male fertility”.

Being this statements important and true , in this post we would like to offer you additional information, maybe less common and ,why not ,even more enjoyable and interesting than the one talking about the advantages of this priceless food, our product, nuts. Perhaps you may know more curiosities about it, so we encourage you to share it with us, posting a commentary in this article.

A very special film

In 2007, “Bajo la lluvia Producciones” a company just founded to this project, and “Perro Verde Films” boosted the film “Gritos en el pasillo”,(Cries in the Corridor) written and directed by Juan Ramírez Mascaró, author of another film production called “Zombie Western: la leyenda del carnicero oscuro” (2008).(Zombie Western: The Legend of the Dark Butcher`s). As we can see in the trailer it´s the very first film about nuts in the world. It has been more than 10 years since it was released and free distributed (you can watch the full movie here), but we are sure that no one has ever done anything like this film. At least not anything as special as this one because they shoot this film with only 6000€ starting budget (some media content dealers helped them later). In its time it was a small internet revolution due to the fact that it was the first film distributed online legally.

More comics like this one please!

We have had to dive deep in our research to find something like this, even if there is not much information about it, we have found a blog named “La revolucion de los frutos secos” (The Revolution of Nuts), it appears to be a very artistic and funny piece, and in our opinion it is worth to mention it. Our company encourage them to keep it up, nuts will thank you this effort.

Pistachio day

Yeah, we know, nowadays we have a day for everything you can imagine. In this particular case, the pistachio day is on February 26 in the United States of America. They officially call it National Pistachio Day, and during this day it is recommended to eat them all over the country and their nutritional benefits are proclaimed. We do not know if the fact that the biggest maker and dealer of pistachios in the world, Paramount Farms, is located in USA , could help to the establishment of this day. It is clear that pistachio is one of the most famous products of the” dreamland.”

Diplomatic Incident

We all know that USA and Israel have been twinned countries in the chase of common objectives for some time. However in 2007, a product as innocent as pistachio caused some kind of international trouble with 3 main countries involved: USA, Israel and Iran. Just in the middle of the nuclear conflict with Mahmud Ahmadineyad, president of Iran, the Bush administration complained to the Israeli government because Jewish population had eaten 4K tons of pistachio last year. The Israeli agriculture minister had to refute and replied : “Israel is not interested in helping the economy of Iran”

What do we do with the shells?

There is an amazing nutcracker museum about pistachio shells in Leavenworth, Washington. They have more than five thousands collector´s items of all styles and colours. It is the Nuts Museum. So, after using a nutcracker, a stone or our hands, do we just throw the pistachio shells away? We usually do it, but if we knew the ecological value of them, and the others interesting uses that they can provide us, we may be more concerned about recycling them. IN fact science do it in several ways, some of them are surprising: once, in a space shuttle mission, some pieces fall down eight minutes after the take-off. When it landed on earth it could be verified that the petrol engines had been burned and also damaged. When the NASA got them back, they applied ground nut shells all over the surface of the damaged material to clean it without using other more harmful methods, like sandblast cleaning. This technique is actually being used by the multinational Shell Pro, an American company specialised in endless alternative uses of nut shells.